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Creating Sustainable Communities & Friendships with the people of East Timor

“Please Do Not Forget Us…”

Australian’s have always had an affinity for our East Timorese neighbours.

welcomeWe’ve come to their aid with military support when their sovereignty was threatened over valuable oil and gas reserves.

We’ve provided aid, and hope and support.

But it’s not enough…

The country is gripped by extreme poverty, critical health issues and poor education and the tiny communities of East Timor need our help to re-build and re-establish their infrastructure and become SELF-SUFFICIENT.

Friends and Partners with East Timor is a non-profit organisation dedicated to re-establishing self-sustaining communities in the Atabae sub district of East Timor.

Through this website, we invite you to help us to improve the situation in East Timor, especially in the western border region. Whether your donation is financial, or through missionary work on the ground in East Timor, every little bit helps.

We must not forget that following over 400 years of foreign domination, East Timor suffered near total destruction of its already limited infrastructure and economy as the Indonesians withdrew in 1999. Recovery will take decades and needs support from Australia and elsewhere.

Will you help us to help them?

Our Mission.

To work collaboratively with the people, communities and parishes in the Atabae sub-district of the Bobonaro area of East Timor to establish and rebuilt a self-sustaining community. We aim to facilitate the mutual sharing of gifts and resources to nourish the spiritual development of the people, communities and parishes.

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About Us

Friends & Partners with East Timor Inc (FPET) is a Brisbane based non-profit organisation working collaboratively with the people of Atabae subdistrict overcome the challenges of distance, language, lack of communication facilities & sub-standard infrastructure. 

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What we do…

Along with emergency relief which includes both resources such as clothing, basic household equipment, tools and funding. FPET has broadened the scope of our work to include education, health, the provision of a clean and reliable water supply and community development.

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When a community gets access to education it can change just about everything.
It can improve health, grow local economies and increase the chances of long-term self-sufficiency. 
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