About the Bobonaro District

The Bobinaro district has six sub-districts with populations reported in the 2010 census as follows –

  • Atabae 11,024;
  • Balibo 14,851;
  • Bobonaro 23,854;
  • Cailaco 9,957;
  • Lolotoe 7,129
  • and Maliana 25,234
  • making a total population of 92,049.

Towns of the same names are the respective subdistrict administrative centres. The locations of these towns as well as the other East Timor districts and their capitals are shown on the East Timor map that can be accessed by the link above.

Friends and Partners with East Timor (FPET) has mainly been linked with the Atabae parish which coincides with the Atabae subdistrict. In the future it may however link with others in the Bobonaro district or the other western border districts.