Posted Friday February 15, 2013 by Gemmie Caranay

Sharon Hearns was busy last month liaising with the local Government Health Clinic staff. Collaborative services have commenced and further integration with our community health services is anticipated.

Following a formal selection process, Ian Gray recently appointed a trainee to work with him to help him and provide experience in community development activities. The appointee, Jorge Leite, is well known to some FPET members as he has previously assisted us. Jorge also worked with Peter De Haas to maintain the Connect East Timor program that provided communication services in the Atabae subdistrict and some other parts of East Timor while communication services were very limited.

Unfortunately Ian Gray suffered an infection this month that required Ian and Sharon to travel back to Darwin for Ian to get medical treatment. While Ian is reported to be making good progress in hospital we do not know when they will return to Atabae.

Of recent years FPET has become dependant on some younger members to lead our interaction with local schools and youth in Atabae. We would like to recruit more young people to help with this important part of our work. We are looking to attract some senior secondary school and university students into our ranks.