Posted Saturday June 15, 2013 by Gemmie Caranay

Highlights for Lindsay’s trip include the opening of new classrooms at the Atabae Parish School and the new chapel at Liminaro. FPET supplied funding for the materials for both these buildings which were mainly built by the local community.

As well as spending time with Sharon and Heather (the PALMS volunteers that FPET supports in Atabae) Lindsay plans to meet with others including Fr John Suban (SVD Dili), local Parish Priest Fr Sipri, Jose and Serv and FPA members as well as all our local helpers involved in the health and education projects.

We are also delighted to hear that our other FPET supported PALMS volunteer, Ian Gray, has now fully recovered from his illness and is expected to return to Atabae this month. While the health and education programs are both progressing well, both will obviously benefit from the extra support provided by Ian.