Our Mission

  • To promote and support enduring friendships and partnerships between parishes, communities and people in the western border region of East Timor, and the Catholic parishes, communities and people of Brisbane.
  • To facilitate the mutual sharing of gifts, skills and resources so as to nourish the spiritual development and well being of the participating parishes, communities and people.
  • Bear witness to, and live out, Christ’s command to love one another.

Our Action

  • FPET is a Brisbane based non-profit organisation working with the people of Atabae subdistrict to re-establish self-sustaining communities.
  • While financial and other material assistance has been important, especially for education and health, the Atabae people value most our prayers and continuing friendship which is sustained by exchange visits and whatever other communication that can be achieved.
  • Supporting and collaborating with PALMS Australia volunteers based in Atabae has greatly strengthened our relationship with the Atabae community.
Jose Ramos Horta with our volunteers (from left) Anne Chapman, Ian Gray and Sharon Hearns. Jose Ramos Horta maintains a close interest in FPET and all the PALMS volunteers in East Timor. He and Deacon Gary Stone are the official Patrons of PALMS Australia.
Gary Stone (on right) visited East Timor in September 2012 to ride again in the Tour De Timor bicycle race. While there, he visited our three then current PALMS volunteers in Atabae and discussed their work and our cooperation with them. Pictured with Gary above are (from left) Sharon Hearns, Anne Chapman and Ian Gray.