Our Areas of Focus…

FPET has identified program areas which cover all past, present and currently envisaged projects. They are summarised here with more details further down this page and in the news and news achieve pages.

  • Education: This has been consistently mentioned as a priority area and initially included primary school buildings and equipment, teachers (training & salaries), school fees, English and computer use classes, secondary school access (including boarding facilities), technical training facilities and trainers, university student fees.
  • Health: This includes clinics, medical supplies and staff training with an emphasis on community health. While initially targeting critical community health problems, the longer term aim is to have these services integrated into the government health services.
  • Water supply: This has been a high priority need that appears beyond our own resources but we have provided some assistance including rainwater tanks. Some of the problems identified in the FPET sponsored investigation and report by volunteer engineer, Graham Gloag, have been addressed by the government and others.
  • Community Development: This included plans for supply of hand tractors, other agricultural equipment and sewing machines. Fishing boat motors, livestock, sewing machines and funding for micro-credit has been supplied. While some of these items (excluding hand tractors) were provided we are now funding less of this equipment with more emphasis on skills training to ensure sustainable development.
  • Community: This included a proposed community centre/library building and equipment but the priority for this building declined with the establishment of the health centre building which has been used for some of these activities, especially as FPET health services are moved to the government clinic. Vehicles for basic transport needs and some expenditure for community social activities have been provided. An early expensive was a 4WD vehicle which FPET provided to the Parish Priest for basic community transport needs.
  • Relief: Funding was supplied for food and essential items during earlier emergencies and continued for a while on a limited basis for the disadvantaged (eg widows, orphans, amputees).
  • Youth: Sporting and musical equipment has been purchased. FPET supports various social and developmental activities organised by the Comoning Youth Association. This youth initiated group is very community minded and works hard to improve the community. The group seems to have greatly contributed to the calm in Atabae during times of unrest elsewhere in East Timor.
  • Church: Funds were supplied to buy building materials, furnishings, supplies and other church related items but much less recently.
  • Travel: This includes the cost of some visits made to East Timor on behalf of FPET and visits from Atabae to Brisbane but most visits to East Timor are wholly or largely privately funded. Visits in both directions are seen as vital to growing the relationship.