Posted Tuesday July 12, 2016 by Gemmie Caranay

2 years ago Deacon Gary Stone accepted a new commission from the Archbishop – Chaplain to the Ex-Service community in SE Qld.  Gary threw himself into his new role and finding PTSD was a huge factor among veterans, he decided to use his experience in Timor as part of his mission.


In July, Gary and his son Michael are taking a group of 20 veterans on an 11-day immersion trip around Timor in the company of some Timorese veterans.  This is part of a year-long RSL-supported program of holistic health called “Timor Awakening”.  The itinerary includes a stop-over in Atabae.

Hopefully trips such as this will see healing for the veterans, both Australian and Timorese, alongside a renewed interest in ways to assist the community of Timor- Leste.