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Many unreliable and conflicting news stories emerged from East Timor in the early years of independence. The situation has improved with better media services now available but some caution is still advised.

ABC East Timor News is one handy Australian site for current East Timor news. A search for East Timor in the ABC News archive can provide access to a wealth of previous East Timor news stories.

If you go to Google Alerts and enter the search term “Timor” and your e-mail address you can get links to Timor related news e-mailed to you daily, weekly or as news appears.

While the major news media provide some news, it is also interesting to search for additional news sources which offer more personal perspectives from people who are living in Dili or have reliable personal contact with the local people. It is not feasible to maintain reliable links to such sources on this site but some can be accessed through links on this page at sites such as East Timor Directory and general internet searches. There are also a number of news groups which provide news about East Timor.

Wikipedia is another website with useful East Timor information and links to many other relevant sources including copyright free maps.

Any Australians considering travel to East Timor should monitor the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Smartraveller Advisory Service East Timor page. This web page is also useful to anyone with acquaintances in East Timor. The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade also provides an e-mail advisory service to alert you to any changes in the travel advice for any country where you have a continuing interest.

The links listed below provide a range of East Timor related information either directly or through links they include.

Some of the organisations active in East Timor

PALMS Australia Catholic lay agency that trains volunteers and places them overseas
East Timor Education Fund Australian group helping with education in a rural district of East Timor
Caritas Dili East Timor An East Timorese Catholic aid organisation with international links
AusAID (East Timor page) East Timor development programs funded by Australian Government
Mary MacKillop East Timor Fosters a range of opportunities for the people of East Timor
Science of Life Systems 24/7 Equipping youth with life skills in East Timor and elsewhere
Bairo Pite Clinic About East Timor health, this clinic and many useful links
HIAM Health An East Timorese NGO dealing with health and social problems
Ba Futuru (For the Future) An East Timorese NGO building peace for the future with children
Alola Foundation Works for the advancement of women in East Timor
East Timor Law and Justice Bulletin Current and archived record of legal issues in East Timor
East Timor Directory An extensive but variable quality directory of East Timorese web links
East Timor Government The official East Timor Government website
East Timor Ministry of Finance Provides some government budget related documents
La’o Hamutuk Provides recent important government and related documents
United Nations Timor-Leste Programme UN development programme for East Timor and related information
Asian Development Bank – Timor-Leste Includes detailed Asian Development Bank reports about East Timor
World Bank – East Timor Includes detailed World Bank reports about East Timor
ANZ Bank – East Timor About the ANZ Bank in East Timor
Moris Rasik Micro-finance in East Timor
Tour de Timor East Timor’s international cycle race

Some other websites with information about East Timor

Brisbane East Timor Community Centre A community centre for East Timorese in Brisbane and their friends
United Nations map of East Timor region A high quality map with detail of the East Timor region
Lonely Planet World East Timor Guide Information about travel to and within East Timor
ANU bibliography of East Timor A very comprehensive listing from Australian National University
University of Coimbra – TimorNet Portuguese sourced history and geography but no recent information
East Timor & Indonesia Action Network An extensive site on East Timor’s recent history and current issues

Some relevant international aid related websites

UN Millennium Development Goals United Nations Millennium Development Goals for 2015
Grameen Organisation Microcredit, banking and related services for the poor
Grameen Foundation Australia Australian partner with the Grameen Bank and Grameen Trust